Lilly Bits O' Heaven - Angelic Shichon Puppies
Our LillyBits Story - A Happy Tail
   Hello from the Pacific Northwest! My name is Heather and I am only half of the LillyBits team, the other half is my wonderful family of dog lovers.  Lillybits has become a passion for our entire family and we each take an important role in raising our puppies and caring for our pets. 

   We fell head over heels for this adorable cross when we purchased Maggie our first Shichon. The rest is history, our whole family felt like we won the dog lottery! Maggie made her way into each and every heart in our home.  We could not believe we had lived a day without one of these special dogs in our lives. Everywhere we went people complimented us, not just on how cute Maggie is but also her gentle and obedient nature. We were hooked! We now take great pleasure in sharing this joy with others.

    At Lillybits we raise our puppies with purpose and a specific method we have developed over the years. We call it the Lillybits method! We address each phase of your puppy's development while in our home with the love and stimulation they need to be exceptional pets. Just like their parents. 

    I really enjoy working as a team with the support of my wonderful husband and kids! I truly believe that because we are not overwhelmed or 'on our own' that we can give unsurpassed care to each and every one of our four legged family members as well as your future puppy. 

As you can see, raising your LillyBit is really a family affair and we believe it shows in our pups.


           Heather, Mike & Family