Lilly Bits O' Heaven - Angelic Shichon Puppies
Nova & Xander pups
Placed using our waitlist ~  with our pre-screened families!
Welcome to the World! Born 4/26/2022
Go home week June 22 - 28th (firm date range)
Meet Gemelli! Little Girl. 
Meet Gnocci! Little Boy. 
Meet Noodle! Little Boy. 
Meet Pasta! Little Girl. 
Meet Penne! Little Boy. 
Meet Rigatoni! Little Boy. 
Meet Ziti! Little Girl. 
Here are the selection videos!
Meet the parents! Xander at 11 lbs on the left, and Nova at 12 lbs on the right! Big eyes, sweet faces, inky black noses. Doll babies. 
Congratulations Margaret!
LillyBits Pick. 
Congratulations Carol!
Congratulations to the Ketcham Family!
Congratulations Krissie and Family!
Congratulations Julie!
Congratulations Tami!