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Local Resources
Seattle Area

Blue Dog Pond
Directions: Located at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Massachusetts Street on the northwest corner.

Dr. Jose Rizal
Directions: Located at 1008 12th Avenue South on North Beacon Hill.

Directions: Located at 46th Avenue South and South Genesee Street.

Golden Gardens
Directions: Located at 8498 Seaview Place NW, in Ballard. The off-leash site is located in the upper or eastern portion of the park, not in the lower beach area.

I-5 Colonnade
Directions: Located in the Eastlake neighborhood beneath I-5 in an area south of E. Howe St. between Lakeview Blvd. and Franklin Ave. E.

Directions: Located at the old Sandpoint Naval Station at approximately 65th and Sandpoint Way. Upon turning off of 65th into the park, take the first left toward a guardhouse (there is a sign pointing to the offleash area). Turn right either before the playfields (for a longer walk), or after the playfields (to avoid the asphalt section). For those coming from the north, there is another entrance at 75th St and Sandpoint.

Directions: Located west of I-5 at North 130th Street. The off-leash area is in the northeast corner of the park. There is parking at the round-a-bout next to the ballfield.

Plymouth Pillars
Directions: Located on Capitol Hill at the intersection of Boren Avenue and Pike Street above I-5.

Directions: Located on the southwest corner of 3rd Avenue and Bell Street in downtown Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

Directions: Located at 8806 8th Ave SW, in West Seattle. The off-leash site is located along the southeast corner of the reservoir.

Woodland Park
Directions: Located in the southeast corner of the park, behind the newly remodeled ballfields and the tennis courts. From 50th Street, turn onto Greenlake Way and make the first left, then go up the hill. The offleash areas is on the left.


Directions: Use Highway 5 or 405 to get to 520 East

Take 520 East approximately 5 miles to West Lake Sammamish Dr Exit
    Make a right at the light at the end of the exit

Make your first left into Marymoor Park
    This is Marymoor Park Way

Make your second right (at the third stop sign)
    There is a sign on the corner indicating direction to the "Dog Training Area"

Main dog park entrance is on the left side of the parking area at the end of this road

Luther Burbank Park
Directions: Go I-90E, take Exit 7A to Mercer Island. Turn left on 77th Ave. SE, right onto North Mercer Way, left on 81st Ave., right on 24th St., left on 84th Ave. SE and follow it down towards the park. There is a large parking lot. After parking, you'll want to head left towards the water.

South King County

Grandview Park
Directions: From I-5S, take the WA-516 exit, Exit #149 toward Kent/Des Moines. Left onto S. Kent Des Moines Road/WA-516 (you'll go across the highway to the east side of it). Turn left onto Military Road. Turn right at 228th. You will see a dog park sign at the bottom of the hill. OR from I-5S you can take the 200th St. Military Road exit (the one before the Kent Des Moines exit) and just head south on Military Road until you get to 228th, and take a left.

Snohomish County

Edmonds Marina Park
Directions: Take I-5N to the Edmonds Kingston Ferry exit (near the exit you take for the Mountlake Terrace Costco). Follow the ferry terminal signs all the way to the waterfront. When you get to the water and can see the Ferry gatehouse, take a left on Dayton. Follow the road through the marina past the various boat storage areas and the park is at the very end. The entrance to the offleash section will be right there on the left.

Cavalero Hill Community Park
Directions: From Everett, take Hwy 2 heading east toward Snohomish over the Hewitt Avenue trestle. At the east end of the trestle, take the 20th Street exit heading up Cavalero Hill. Continue driving east to an intersection with traffic light at 79th Ave SE. Turn right onto 79th and right again into the par

Willis D. Tucker Community Park
Directions: From I-5, take the 128th Street exit and drive east approximately four miles to Snohomish-Cascade Drive.  (128th Street becomes 132nd and then 134th as you drive east.)  Turn right onto Snohomish-Cascade Drive.  At the first stop sign, turn left onto Puget Park Drive. Park entrance is the next left.

Kasch Park
Directions: From I-5 N heading towards Everett, take Highway 96 exit (Hwy 96 goes east, but instead you turn left going across I-5). Head northwesterly on that road and it turns into Airport Road. Continue up to Paine Field/100 St (this intersection is only about 10 blocks short of the Boeing Plant in Everett where that picture of the girl and the plane is painted on their hangar doors). Turn east (right) on 100th St. Then turn left on 18th Ave. W (Loganberry Lane). Follow it north to a dead-end, about the 9100 block.

Howarth Park
Directions: From I-5 N heading towards Everett, take exit 192 (Broadway) on the left side of I-5. Very soon after the exit, take the second exit ramp to your right (41st Street/Mukilteo). The ramp takes you to 41st Street -- follow the ramp to the right, to 41st St. After a couple lights, you pass a Safeway on the left and 41st St. becomes Mukilteo Blvd. It goes up a hill.

Lowell Park
Directions: From I-5N heading towards Everett, take exit 192 (Broadway) on the left side of I-5. Very soon after the exit, take the second exit ramp to your right (41st Street/Mukilteo). The ramp takes you to 41st Street (if you just followed the ramp you would find yourself heading right on 41st). Turn LEFT onto 41st Street, the sign says "Broadway/Lowell" (you'll be aiming towards the highway--if you find yourself heading away from the highway on 41st then you are going in the wrong direction!). Turn right on S. 3rd Ave. Continue approximately five blocks and you will see Lowell Park on the left side of the road at the intersection of 3rd and 46th Street SE. Lowell Park is tricky to find if you make a wrong turn -- it is easier if you remember that it runs pretty close to the west side of I-5.

Licensing & Off Leash Parks

This section is dedicated to our many local families! The Northwest is a wonderful place to live for dogs and people alike!

Our area has so many incredible parks dedicated to man's best friend! Marymoor off leash dog park was voted the best dog park in the country and it is right here in our own backyard!
Licensing Your LillyBit
Off Leash Parks & Directions