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Your Dog Doesn't Know Sit.

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A well trained dog is a delight to their owner and all those around them. Training your dog is an important aspect of dog ownership. A good dog is a happy dog and manners are alway in style.

This page covers very basic information and is in no way meant to replace puppy kindergarten!

As always, we hope you find these video tutorials helpful! Most of them are by Sarah Hodgson,
my favorite dog trainer.
Great video to watch before your puppy comes home and some great training tips on nipping! A must see. Remember, for our small breed dog your puppy safe area or puppy pen is to be used for the puppy den Sarah talks about.
This video offers another training technique for common puppy nipping! This is one the first things I get calls about :) It is normal puppy behavior and handling it correctly is important.
Housebreaking! Remember, accidents are invetible. Be consistent and supervise supervise supervise! Realistic expectations - very important.
This is a training technique called 'luring'. Very effective and gentle. Your dog will be
sitting in no time!
These two videos Sarah specifically made on training and handling a small breed dog.
A nice compliment to small dog training. Gentle direction and guidance.
How Dogs Play! It's short, sweet and to the point!
Visit Sarah's site:
This technique to discourage jumping on people can be used from your first day with your puppy! It applies the simple principle I always use when dealing with dogs... never give attention, affection or any kind of reward, verbal or otherwise when a dog is displaying an undesirable behavior.